The "Very Best" Premium Cycling Apparel Technologies



A jersey made of SUPER LEGGERO is every pure climber’s dream: a very light fabric with only 105 gr/m2. It fits the body like a second skin while it keeps it cool and dry all the time. We surely will see a lot of champions this season wearing SUPER LEGGERO garments. We will see them on top steps of podiums around the world.



For a real cyclist, the most important thing is getting to the finish line tired though happy.  High performance EVO fabric was exclusively designed for athletes who would like to improve their efficiency without using pills or needles. It is a very soft and light fabric (124 gr/m²) with mechanical elongation, moisture control and quick sweat absorption.

High Techno


Microfiber 100% polyester with teflon covered yarn. Water repellent, soft to the touch, light and with a very best fit. Weather you are just out training or going for the win racing, High Techo fabrics have you covered.

Premium Lycra Sport


High resistance LYCRA® Sport fabric (Invista’s Registered Trademark) with more spandex content for better fit; it offers high performance with breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement. The compression fit and feel in uncompromised.

Kinesis Technolgies


KINESES TECH is specifically designed for the athlete to feel like fish in water. Triathletes will love this fabric in the water and out of it. It is light weighted, water repellent, aerodynamic and, due to its orthogonal yarn structure, it offers all the benefits of a real compression fabric. This fabric cannot be printed and only specified in some of the most critical apparel panels. 

Aqua Zero


When it comes to water, AQUA ZERO is the absolute best performing fabric available today. Weather s local Sprint Triathlon or The KONA IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, You will fell amazing! ACQUA ZERO is a real miracle of science. This unique high stretch water-guard fabric has excellent water repellency, very low water absorption, low water leak, long lasting durability after repeated uses and launderings, and its stain resistant! It can be confidently worn in white as it’s absolutely no see through.



The CLEAN CUT GRIPPER VR7 Cycling Apparel utilizes offers the critical advantage in areas where the garment ends and transitions to the athletes body. the perfect compression and grip for a positive, comfortable feel. The CLEAN CUT edge maximizes comfort eliminating the need for finishing hems.



BIBMESH is a new bib strap material that offers an amazing seamless feel. Along with the extra comfort of the multi directional stretching, we feel this is our best bib strap we ever! 

AEGIS Technolgies


AEGIS is a hive type construction that assists in providing enhanced breathability ,helping regulate optimal body temperatures. Combined with good elongation, lightweight materials, AEGIS has moisture control technology that absorbs, dries quickly and wicks moisture away from the body. Also, an added UPF 30-50 sun protective element.

Reflective Elements


VR7 Cycling Apparel is committed to help in any way possible for athletes to make cycling safer. Luminus reflective detals are an intregal accdent detail in all of our garmets we produce. You never know when that extra reflective flash will catch someone's eye to avoid a possible accident.

The Very Best YKK Zippers


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SIGNA Compression


SIGNA Compression Tranfer 

is a super high-performance high tech fabric that features three different areas of compression. A high compression non-slip area with a gripper edge, a medium compression area with a 3D texture provides cooling and fast drying, and another area of low compression 3D texture that’s offers a ventilation zone. This is one of the finest new technologies brought to you from VR7 Cycling Apparel.

VR7 Ultimate Italian Chamois


All day in the saddle, NO PROBLEM!

VR7 Cycling Apparel's Ultimate Chamois is the combination of the most technically advanced foams, fabrics and technologies. It is the result of the collaboration with top professional riders and a series of severe lab test protocols. This new hi-end pad with a three-dimensional revolutionary style provides protection where necessary thanks to the high-density foam inserts (120kg/m3) placed in the key pressure points. The central channel assures less pressure on the perineal area.

This chamois is presented with S.A.T. Shock Absorption Technology.

The VR7 Ultimate Chamois is in Carbon fabric, made of carbon fibers with antistatic and permanent bacteriostatic properties, in Bio-HiTech or Drytex BlueSign® approved materials, in B-Elastic microfiber and in printable Coolmax fabric featuring the permanent antimicrobial Polygiene treatment.

The foam may be in TRS, the innovative perforated (5mm holes) foam enhancing maximum breathability and excellent moisture management. There are no superficial seams to avoid abrasions.

The VR7 Ultimate Chamois features Air-Flow System, innovative ventilation system composed by a series of holes in the most strategic areas ensuring a good ventilation and breathability of the chamois pad.



Our VR7 Ultimate Chamios have a unique Antibacterial Treatment providing for a little extra protection.


Extra Elasticity

The perfect amount of extra elasticity for precise, fit, feel and performance.


Shock Absorbtion Technolgy

The most critical aspect of our chamois. Shock Absorption Technology is a result of technical researches. The exclusive shock-absorbing system provides maximum protection and shock absorption neutralizing any negative vibration developed during the impact with the ground, and distributing the pressures. The dissipation of 90% of the energy generated from the impact is granted throughout the life of the product. Excellent resistance to constant compression. S.A.T. is synonymous of long lasting, softness, flexibility, lightness, moldability and breathability. Collaboration and research project support with the Bioengineering Center of the "Politecnico di Milano" for the development of the new SAT technology

Climb on with Confidence!


There is no better feeling than every time you ride, knowing you have the very best VR7 Italian Chamois in the most critical contact point between you and your bike. When is comes to the VR7 Ultimate Chamois every cyclist deserves the very best performance and comfort.

You cant find a better, all day, long distance chamois available anywhere!

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