Fitting and Sizing Information

Size Chart


The size specifications in the above VR7 CYCLING APPAREL SIZE CHART are for a snug, high performance fit. If you prefer a little looser fit, no problem, order up a size or two. Sizing is always a personal preference choice.

Measure Twice Order Once


VR7 Cycling Apparel is some of the most comfortable best fitting clothing you can find. However, discovering the right size is very important in achieving this. Spend a little extra time and "Measure Twice" - "Order Once". 

Every Athlete is Different


All athletes have different sizes, shapes and body types. just think of all those that belong to your team or club. There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to VR7 Cycling Apparel.

High Performance Race Tight Fit

Comfort, Fit and Feel

VR7 Cycling Apparel is specifically designed for a very precise snug fit with 100% full range of motion, restriction free. Some of the favorite feedback we received from the athletes that wear VR7 Cycling Apparel are these short quotes


  • "VR7 is the best cycling clothing I have ever worn" 
  • "Now that I have VR7, I cant wear anything else"
  • "VR7 Cycling Apparel feels so good, I don't even think about it, it just feels like it disappears"
  • "My VR7 Cycling Clothing fits and feels so well, I don't even think about it, I can focus on racing"


VR7 Cycling Apparel is technically designed for optimal Aerodynamic performance. Weather you are racing or just out riding, our clothing provides a seamless feel between you and the environment you are riding in.

Performance Driven

Our VR7 Cycling Apparel research and development lab has one simple goal. "Produce The Very Best" VR7 Cycling Apparel firmly believes that there are no compromises in the Performance Driven mindset.

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