The VR7 Cycling Apparel Story

Our Founder, Bryan Staub


VR7 Cycling Apparel

For nearly a decade we have been designing and producing "The Very Best" cycling clothing available anywhere. We have a primary corporate goal of striving to help athletes look spectacular and push the level of performance to new heights. VR7 Cycling Apparel is recognized around the world for superior cycling apparel technology, offering premium durability, comfort and innovation. 

International Manufacturing Partner, SAFETTI SMART WEAR!


Safetti Smart Wear, Is a family owned company located in Medellin Colombia, and because of their passion for sports and excellence, they have gained Ethical leadership in the business community. Having been awarded the Social Responsibility certificate, Safetti has a continuing commitment to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at Large.

Safetti is the only company that gives a bonus incentive to their staff when they commute to work riding their bicycles, because Safetti believes in and love what what they do. Saffeti Smart Wear has won as well the National Award to Excellence and Export. Safetti Smart Wear exemplifies the standard of excellence that has evolved over years in conjunction with cycling, triathlon, mountain biking and cyclocross.

Safetti products are designed and carefully and meticulously manufactured with the highest quality standards, using innovative materials and the latest performance-enhancing technologies. Offering accuracy, comfort and performance that will always be in style In the world of sports. Safetti is extremely committed to excellence and customer service. 

United States Corporate Operations Phoenix, Arizona


The Southwest is one of the premier cycling regions in the United States. A choice location for VR7 Cycling Apparel's corporate offices.

Arizona has the perfect weather that attracts world class professional and amateur athletes alike. Arizona encompasses a vast variety of terrain options from the Sonoran Deserts to the 11,000 Mt. Humphries Peak, surrounded with majestic pine and aspen forests.


At VR7 we love to ride!


We love the freedom of the open road, the reset button in your mind that comes with getting out on your bike and especially, the exhilaration of race day. We live for pulling up to the start line, electricity pumping through our veins, the challenge of the race, and the thrill of crossing the finish line. That is what we do! It is what inspired us to craft cycling apparel that matches our passion for performance on the bike.

We carefully select our Italian fabrics and of course the ever important chamois. Our designs are fresh and customizable. Our gear is hand tailored and each piece is made to order. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, but mostly we hope you enjoy the ride!


We strive for an extraodinary "Materpiece" with eveything we produce!

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